Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today is my 10-year wedding anniversary

Ten years ago today I officially entered into the best partnership a man can have. Rightfully so, we made a big deal about it and invited all our family and friends. We danced our asses off and one of us even got money shoved down her dress (on purpose).

Ten years ago Katie McCollim and Dan Kolbet I got married. Where once two people existed, one partnership was formed. Partners for life.

Ten years ago we lived in a crappy, drafty townhouse on the South Hill. I drove a Pontiac. Katie had a Toyota (she still drives one, but it’s much cooler now). We had a weird dog named Macy.

We shouldn’t really even be counting this May 26, 2001 date. The real date – and the one that might come up in trivia someday - is Nov. 7, 1996. That was the day we really made it “official.” It was so romantic. The parking lot of Shari’s on Monroe is for lovers for sure.

Ten years ago it was just Katie and I. There was no Allison. No Felicity. And for the sake of inclusion – no Kona either. We had no idea what life had in store for us. Yet somehow we did it all together. Through jobs, (no jobs), weigh gain and loss, pregnancy and birth, house building twice, surgeries (a few), college, marathons, hair color changes (her), hair loss (me), writing projects and parenting (oh, yes parenting) – we stayed side by side.

I got so damn lucky ten years ago (and in the Shari’s parking lot on Nov. 7, 1996 – no, not that kind of lucky).  I found something that I can’t let go – don’t want to ever let go. I’m lucky because I’m not facing the world alone. I know that no matter what, through good times and bad that my partner will be there for me. And I can easily say that I’ll be there for her too, always. When we look back on this when we’re old, we’ll think, “Ten years! That was nothing. Try 60 years!”

But right now, ten years is a long time. A lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t and will never change - that’s my commitment to you babe. Katie, I love you, Happy Anniversary.  

P.S. Let’s hope the weather is good on Sunday so we can take that hot air balloon ride!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Handwritten edits are complete

Its been about a month since I gave an update on the book's progress. My silence is not a sign of defeat, but rather a sanity break followed by gray-hair inducing editing. I made it though my handwritten edit process (all 460 pages of it) without any major issues. Although I did find it rather funny that I named one character three different names for no real good reason. She was Gina, then Frankie and at some point Monique. She's Frankie now.

Changing the name of a character is actually a wonderful experience. I got so used to a character being named "Joe" for example, that I associated all of my unwritten thoughts about him each time I read his pieces. By changing his name to "Will" I had to totally re-think what I knew and understood about him. Who was this Will guy and why is he important?

I'm still considering changing the name of my protagonist - and no, his name isn't Joe.

If you look at the previous post you can see the nice clean copy of my printed draft. It doesn't look like that anymore. I used more sticky notes on it than I care to share. It wasn't until page 378 that I read an entire page and didn't have an edit. For consistency's sake I monkeyed around with it anyway. Gotta be true to my efforts.

I'm about 100 pages into inserting my edits and hopefully about 3 weeks from getting this thing in front of beta readers. I've lined up four so far. Very diverse group of people that should bring an interesting perspective (and hopefully not completely shoot my confidence!)

Good night.