Saturday, March 31, 2012

KDP Select enrollment expiring

In January I signed up Off The Grid for as a Kindle exclusive through KDP Select, not exactly knowing what to expect from the program. Without doing a blow by blow of the experience, I can easily say my feelings are . . . mixed.

During the giveaways, the book rose to #25 in Contemporary Fiction. 
There is no question that I sold way more books after signing up for the program than beforehand, but after three months I’ve received a grand total of “0” new reviews on the book, so that’s a disappointment. They might come, but who knows.

The free giveaways were surprisingly successful – but then again it’s pretty easy to buy a “free” book, right? After each free day I sold a few hundred actual copies of the book, so in that sense the program worked well. The book rose to #329 in the Kindle Free Store, #25 in Contemporary Fiction and #44 in Mysteries and Thrillers.

I think every author has dealt with pricing issues before, but since I self-published it I figured those issues would avoid me. Not so much. Amazon discounted the book to $0.99 – the lowest price possible. This price meant that even with sales numbers that I am proud of, I made squat in actual money. $0.35 on every sale is pretty tiny. Amazon knows the market better than me and I wasn’t selling too many full priced books before KDP Select anyway, so I’m rolling with the punches.

As part of the program the book was eligible for borrowing by Amazon Prime members. Ironically, even for a $0.99 book I got a few dozen borrows. Personally I would have chosen to borrow a more expensive book like Stephen King’s 11/22/63 which sells for $15, but I’m glad people wanted it.

My KDP Select program enrollment expires on April 6. I decided to let it pass and see if I can capture any sales momentum without the enrollment. I’ll give it a couple weeks, then reevaluate.

For anyone who has bought the book recently, I’d love to see your reviews on Amazon – and thank you.