Monday, November 19, 2012

Enter to win a Kindle Paperwhite - just write & post a review

You could win an awesome Kindle Paperwhite
just for writing and posting a review of Don't Wait For Me.

There's no question that indie authors need book reviews. These third-party validations help us sell books and tell would-be readers if the book is any good.

So, to encourage you to write a review of Don't Wait For Me, I'm giving away a brand new Kindle Paperwhite to some lucky reader who writes and posts reviews online. ($119 value)

Entering the contest is easy. 
  1. Read Don't Wait For Me in print or eBook.
  2. Write a text review** and post it on retailer or book lover websites*
  3. Email the links to and tell me your user name (so I can tell it was you!)
  4. That's it.

* Where can you post reviews? (if you purchased a physical book in a store or through me)

For the most part, retailers will only allow you to post reviews if they can verify that you bought the item from them (especially Amazon). So, to ensure your review gets posted online and entered into the contest, use, which you can easily login to through your Facebook account, even if you've never used it before.

Enter multiple times
Post your review on multiple sites to get multiple entries. Just copy and paste the same review on each site you can (especially Amazon and Goodreads). Some sites may not allow you to post a review, unless you purchased the item from them. Be sure to tell me each place you posted a review, including your user name, so I can tell it was you.

** Review Content
  • If you didn't like the book, say so. If you loved it, say so. If it was OK, say so. I'm not doing this for only positive reviews. I'm encouraging reviews of Don't Wait For Me - period.
  • The review must be a text review - not just a star review. (i.e. 5 out of 5 stars) String a few sentences together about the book.
  • If you know me, don't mention it. Amazon removes some reviews they think may be placed on behalf of the author. If your Amazon review doesn't come through - just use Goodreads. If you tell me you submitted it, but I can't see it, sorry, that's not an entry. 

To give you chance to actually read the book, the deadline for reviews is January 31, 2013. You've got two months! 

Get reading and email me the link to your review!

If you have any questions, just email me or post them at

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

News Release: Spokane author releases novel, 'Don't Wait For Me'

Dan Kolbet, 509-434-8621,


Spokane author releases novel, 'Don't Wait For Me'
Work of fiction available in print and e-book

Spokane, Wash. Nov. 14, 2012: In his latest novel, 'Don't Wait For Me,' Spokane author Dan Kolbet uses the Spokane holiday season as the backdrop for an unconventional love story centered on a down-on-his-luck toy store owner.

"Don't Wait For Me isn't the typical boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-does-something-crazy-to-get-girl-back story," Kolbet said. "Those stories have been told. I wanted to do something a little different."

This work of literary fiction includes many scenes set in familiar locations around downtown Spokane including the Spokane Arena, Davenport Hotel, Dick's Hamburgers, a local church, restaurants and neighborhoods.

"I hope readers will have the same reaction to the plight of these characters as I did while writing it," Kolbet said. "It's a emotional journey."

The novel, published late October 2012, is available for purchase on all major e-readers, Auntie's Bookstore and Spokane-area Hastings. More details are available at 

'Don't Wait For Me' Book Description
Edwin Klein’s iconic downtown toy store is hanging by a thread. The end is near, but he won’t accept it. The store is all he has left of his wife and he can’t let it go. Failure and loss have led him to a dark place.

After a chance encounter with a shoplifter, he stumbles upon the help of Amelia Cook, who is struggling with her own loss. Through one holiday season the two of them hatch a plan to save the store and in turn touch the lives of everyone they know.

What follows is a wonderful, but tragic tale of love, loss and new beginnings.

About the Author
Dan Kolbet lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife and two daughters. He is a former newspaper editor and reporter. Kolbet currently works as a corporate spokesperson for Avista Utilities. Kolbet's literary works include the corporate espionage thriller, Off The Grid (2011), and Don't Wait For Me (Oct. 2012). You can find Kolbet's personal blog at or like his author page on Facebook

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day to all who served

Happy Veterans Day. I spent this morning reading my grandpa's WWII papers and letters. My grandpa, Staff Sergeant Edward C. Kolbet was in the US Army Air Forces, 1942-1945. 

Edward was a waist gunner on a B-24 during WWII. He was shot down on December 28, 1943 over Italy/Germany on his first combat mission and held as a prisoner of war for 17 months at German prisoner of war camp Stalag 17B.

His account of being shot down, according to Army records, "There were 17 bombers in our formation. We were hit by flak in the right wing - a hole big enough to drive a Jeep through. Then we were hit by fighters. About 130 of them. They stayed with us for over an hour. They would come in waves of seven or eight accross. We ran out of ammunition. The tail gunner was killed with a 20 mm. He had shot down four fighters. I shot down two - the other waist gunner and top turret, two. We tried to get under the rest of the formation but were hit by two 20 mm's in the waist, which started a fire. I was almost knocked out. We all bailed out. I bailed out with one strap of my chute hooked. My chute dumped me about two or three hundred feet from the ground. I was captured right away."

My grandmother saved all the letters they wrote to each other during his POW stint and the months after as he tried to get home. Its heartbreaking to read the notes they sent back and forth, never knowing if the letters were actually received by the other. Greatest Generation indeed. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This week in Dan's wonderful world of books

I'm way too excited about my book shipment.
Last night was a big night. My order of books from CreateSpace arrived on the front porch - a full 11 days before they said they would come. I'm not sure if I should be really happy they came early or disappointed that they can't figure out how to estimate their printing and shipping timetable. Either way, it was pretty cool to come home and find the boxes, which I'd been tracking through UPS like a crazy ex-girl friend stalker.

The book release party planning is well underway. We're holding it at the house on Nov. 17. The current debate is whether or not we should decorate the house for Christmas for the party. It's been a pretty consistent rule at the Kolbet house that we don't do Christmas until after November 26 - my wife's birthday. It's bad enough to have your birthday combined with Thanksgiving, but to add Christmas too? That's a bit much. Yet, the house looks awesome with all the decorations AND "Don't Wait For Me" is set during the Christmas season. So I'm thinking the tree and mistletoe are going to happen, but we'll see.

Boxes of books . . . and my kids.
The book has been selling steady online over the last two weeks for its modest release. I don't expect a jump until after the release party. Since the physical books are now here, I will send out a news release next week to local media. I'm not too optimistic that media will run anything on it, but it would be pretty sweet to get mentioned in the holiday gift giving inserts for local products or products made in the United States.

I've been in contact with Auntie's bookstore downtown and all three local Hastings stores. They've agreed to carry the book, which is pretty cool, even though financially, it's about a breakeven profit. Regardless, I want to have books available in local author sections and this is how you do it. I'll likely just donate copies of the book to the Spokane County Library. It gets it out there for more readers, who can hopefully write reviews.

Reviews: gimme please
I'm a sucker for reviews. I need them. I want them. As an independent author, I rely on reviews to tell other readers that my work doesn't totally suck. So, reviews are important. When I get a new one, it's like Christmas morning. So, if you've read Off The Grid, or Don't Wait For Me, please review it on Amazon, B&N, Apple iBooks or where ever you bought it from. 

You want a spine? I got your spine right here!
I'm not ready to make an official announcement yet, but we're giving away a brand new Kindle Paperwhite to someone who reviews Don't Wait For Me. Hint, hint. So, get those reviews in! Pretty please.

The Inlander Short Fiction Contest
I've finalized a short story for The Inlander's Short Fiction Contest. The theme for the contest is "The End." The author has the freedom to use that theme in whatever way they see fit. My story is titled "Five Rows Back." It's about a girl who has OCD who is seeking vengeance against someone. I really like the story and the process for creating a short story. Two thousand words is pretty short, especially when I'm used to writing 60-90,000 words to tell a story. I was able to comfortably re-write the story three times. I don't have that freedom in long form because of the time commitment. In this case, rewrites and edits from my wife and friend Brandi, really helped.

Off The Grid audio book
On another front, the audio book for Off The Grid is in production through ACX. The first 15 minutes of audio was completed, per the contract, last Friday. The remainder of the book will be finalized by mid-December. I hope we can get it up and available before Christmas, but this is one of those things that I'm new at, so I'm not entirely clear on the timeline. Once I have something to link to regarding the audio book, I'll do it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amazon says to read "Off The Grid." Really

Amazon sent me this email last night, telling me to read Off The Grid. Well, they are the most powerful name in publishing. If only they sent this to more than just me . . .

Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Goodreads Giveaway time!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Don't Wait For Me by Dan Kolbet

Don't Wait For Me

by Dan Kolbet

Giveaway ends December 01, 2012.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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