Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Operation Ebook Drop in full swing

Operation Ebook Drop

Today I joined hundreds of other independent authors for Operation Ebook Drop, which provides coalition troops with free ebooks. Off The Grid and Don't Wait For Me are now available for free for troops to download on their preferred device.

Operation Ebook Drop is the brainchild of Ed Patterson, an author and US Army veteran. Check out the group's Facebook page for details, including how to add additional members of the armed services to the distribution lists or add your books to the growing list.

This project is made possible through Smashwords. Troops use coupon codes for books downloaded through the side. Pretty slick. Read "Smashwords Supports Operation Ebook Drop" for more about the company's involvement.

In November I wrote about my grandfather and Veterans Day. Many of my family members have served and continue to serve in various roles in the military. It's important to me that we support our troops while they are away from home and when they return to us. A couple of free ebooks isn’t a big deal, but I think a few hours of escape time while reading a good book can be good for anyone. Especially our troops.

Thank you to all who have served. 

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