I get no greater joy in writing than talking to someone who has read one of my books. I always want to ask, "did you see it the same way as me?" Often the answer is "no" and that's awesome. I really enjoy it when I'm told what a reader found in between the lines or how they interpreted a motivation. That's good stuff. I'll describe it like this - I'm happy to start the painting that you the reader can finish.

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in high school and an English teacher told me I wrote run-on sentences. I retaliated by writing a three-page paper using only five-word sentences. Take that! By the way, she was completely right about my run-on sentences. Those are not my only editorial issues.

I made myself into a writer the best way I could. My degree in Journalism from Gonzaga University got me into newspapers as a copy editor and occasional reporter. Luckily I grabbed the last rowboat off the printed-newspaper sinking ship and sailed for other work soon after I was gainfully employed at a local paper. Today I work in a completely unrelated field at a large company on the West Coast, but those writing chops come in handy every day.

The indie literary world isn't glamorous and after putting in my 40 hours a week at "work" it's sometimes a grind to get any writing done at home. I tend to need at least two solid hours to write to get anything accomplished. Just about the time I get in a rhythm, life intervenes and I have to set it aside for a while.  You know, to do stuff like see my family!

As of 2015, I've published four novels, which you can see here. While I don't like to label them, people need to know what they're getting into when they buy one.  Don't Wait For Me and Better Not Love me are companion romance stories. You Only Get So Much is a family saga. Off The Grid, my debut novel, is a thriller. Hopefully there is something there for you.

I don't like to over-describe a scene or character. You can see it in your head better than me. I'm OK with using profanity, when it's expected of a character, but not for shock value. Sex (at least the stuff that makes you blush) isn't the type of thing I will write. I set most of my stories in the Northwest, because it's what I know and love. I like flashbacks that tell a specific point that moves the story ahead.

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​​​Dan Kolbet

Author: Dan Kolbet